Affinity for Venture Capital

Best in-class platform to manage all your priorities in one place

Correlation Ventures

Affinity is hands down the most powerful tool
 I’ve found for managing my relationships. Period.

Miles Bird
Associate | Correlation Ventures

Manage your deals, portfolio & LPs in a powerful spreadsheet

Deal pipelines, LPs, media contacts, and portfolio CEOs can all sit inside Affinity. With a simple and collaborative UI, Affinity allows you to harness the power of a centralized system with all of your data in one place.

Intelligently understand your network

Let us be your firm's dynamic rolodex. Identify if someone at your firm has reached out to a founder or company before. Instantly find out companies that your firm has looked at in any sector last year. We’ll even tell you who has the strongest relationship with them. Affinity is the fastest way to the most accurate answer.

Automate your data entry forever

Stop wasting time manually inputting data. Affinity integrates directly with your email and calendar to automatically track who you’ve talked to, what files you exchanged, and who's providing you introductions. We also enrich your contacts with key attributes directly from Crunchbase (company stage, last funding date, lead investors and more).

Never drop the ball

We proactively identify emails you’ve missed or haven't gotten a response to so you never drop the ball on an important relationship. You can also set smart rules to reach out to important relationships every quarter and get notified about strong relationships that are at risk.

Share your network with your portfolio companies

Using Affinity’s Alliances, help your portfolio succeed by opening up your network to them automatically using Affinity. Founders in your portfolio can instantly search for how well you know contacts at different companies to gain introductions for facilitating fundraising, sales and business development activities.