Affinity for Private Equity Firms

Best in-class platform to drastically improve sourcing
 and conducting diligence on deals

Correlation Ventures

Affinity is hands down the most powerful tool
 I’ve found for managing my relationships. Period.

Miles Bird
Associate | Correlation Ventures

Find the best ways to your top deals

Affinity surfaces key data points like relationship strengths, date of last
 contact as well contact details if any coworkers in your firm know the
 companies you are trying to reach automatically.

Discover experts to
perform due-diligence

Affinity automatically builds an intelligent, dynamic rolodex for your entire firm. Search through years of institutional knowledge buried in your coworkers’ emails and calendar instantly. Questions from “Which experts does my team know in Healthcare?” to “Who are the CEOs we’ve been in touch with last year?” are become instantly answerable.

Share your network with
your portfolio companies

Using Affinity’s Alliances, help your portfolio companies succeed by opening up your network to them automatically using Affinity. Management teams in your portfolio can instantly search for how well you know contacts at different companies to gain introductions for facilitating fundraising, sales and business development activities.

Never drop the ball

We proactively identify emails you’ve missed or haven't gotten a response to so you never drop the ball on an important relationship. You can also set smart rules to remember to reach out to important relationships every quarter and get notified about relationships that are at risk.