Pipeline automation

Eliminate the manual work involved in managing your prospects, customers, and deals.

Correlation Ventures

Affinity is hands down the most powerful tool
 I’ve found for managing my relationships. Period.

Miles Bird
Associate | Correlation Ventures

G Suite and Microsoft Exchange

Affinity integrates with your email, calendar, and contact data. It sifts through your complete communication history to reveal important information about your relationships.

Team activity tracking

You can automatically see the complete history of a relationship without your team having to do anything at all. Whether it’s number of meetings in the last 10 years, number of unanswered emails, a list of completed tasks — all of it is visible from across your team in single, powerful timeline.

Automatic contact capture

Affinity automatically captures every interaction your team has ever
 had with contacts. It auto-completes key relationship details, including
 phone numbers, job titles, and other company information.

Automatic file capture

Along with contacts, we also capture any attachments you and your team members have been sending to your prospects and live opportunities. No one likes downloading and re-uploading files — Affinity does the dirty work for you, so you can focus on what’s important.

Smart Columns

No one likes filling cells in a CRM when managing their workflow. Affinity CRM’s Smart Columns remove the need to track anything manually. Everything from the last time you met a prospect, to what year they were founded in is tracked automatically. We already support 10+ smart columns and we’re adding more!