Take Affinity everywhere

Whether you’re on the road 6 months a year, or in your
email on desktop 24/7, we’ve got you covered

Correlation Ventures

Affinity is hands down the most powerful tool
 I’ve found for managing my relationships. Period.

Miles Bird
Associate | Correlation Ventures

Chrome Extension

We know you spend most of your day in your Gmail Inbox. No one loves keeping multiple tabs open. Affinity’s Chrome Extension allows you to bring the power of Affinity right within your Gmail workflow. Add notes, set reminders, see recent activity, add files, track email opens, find introductions even— all from your inbox.

Download chrome extension here

Mobile applications

Even if you’re on the road, we understand your business must
keep moving. You can download our iOS or Android applications
that bring Affinity’s core experience to your fingertips. Add notes,
see the status of a deal, add follow-ups for your daily meetings,
add contacts from a networking event and more seamlessly
through your phone.

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