Manage your team’s day‑to‑day processes intelligently

Save your team’s valuable time by bringing data intelligence into your workflow

Correlation Ventures

Affinity is hands down the most powerful tool
 I’ve found for managing my relationships. Period.

Miles Bird
Associate | Correlation Ventures

Automatic de-duplication

Ever had a contact in your CRM with two email addresses and had two records for them that you had to manually merge? Affinity CRM’s machine learning algorithms automatically de-duplicate contacts and companies by analyzing your communications — everything from people with different email addresses to companies with different websites.

Task automation

Remembering to follow-up regularly with important relationships, updating statuses, adding opportunities — all of these tasks in your workflow take time away from you.

Affinity allows you to set smart rules so you can do them automatically. Rules like “If we don’t talk to these prospects every 2 weeks, please set a reminder” can be set in an instant.

Unanswered emails

Using machine learning, Affinity automatically detects emails that require a response so you never drop the ball on anything important. We also identify emails you sent that should have gotten a response so nothing important gets lost.

Be it an important client or an active deal — we make sure you’re on top of it.

Identify relationships at risk

Using Affinity’s dynamic filters, you can instantly filter down to the important deals that you have not engaged with recently. We also surface relationships that your team had a strong connection with, but hasn’t engaged with recently.

Network intelligence

Affinity analyzes your team’s interactions to automatically understand who has made you the most introductions and sourced you the most deals. You can even filter your team’s entire network by many fields like city, region, industries and job titles to identify prospects for business development, due diligence and more.

Flexible UI

Affinity was built to be as flexible as a spreadsheet, yet have the horsepower of a full-featured CRM. If you’re used to a spreadsheet, you will feel right at home with our flexible ontology. Whether you’re managing a list of customers, deals, recruits, or other important relationships — it’s all possible with Affinity.