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Miles BirdT-Bird Ventures
Kyle LuiDCM Ventures
Michael SanbergTouchstone Commercial Partners

How our customers are leveraging Affinity

Venture Capital

DCM Ventures is a venture capital firm with over $3 billion under management.

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Sales & Business Development

Karat augments your engineering organization with a premium hiring service powered by a network of highly-skilled interviewers, robust hiring analytics, and best practice insights.

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Venture Capital

Science Finance is an investment firm that focuses on investing in problems where solutions require curiosity, intellectual depth, and often science.

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Sales & Business Development

Anduin Transactions is a San Francisco-based financial technology company focused on helping investors, lawyers, and executives close deals with accuracy, transparency, and speed.

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Real Estate

TCP is a boutique commercial real estate brokerage firm based in downtown San Francisco.

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Venture Capital

Pear is an early-stage venture fund based in Palo Alto, CA, founded by Pejman Nozad and Mar Hershenson.

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"We use Affinity to stay on the same page, hold each other accountable, and preserve our institutional memory. It's been a game changer for collaboration."

Managing Director, Zetta Partners

“Affinity is hands down the most powerful tool I’ve found for managing my relationships. Period. Affinity is the supercomputer humming in the background that allows you to close more leads, provide insight you never had before into your network, and elevate important business relations, Go Affinity!”

Associate, Correlation Ventures

“I'll check my Alliances weekly to see which new ones I can form. As we scale, Affinity’s Alliance will be instrumental to our growth.”

Product Specialist, Anduin Transact

“We used to maintain a Google Sheet of every investor we were interested in, and repeatedly sent it to Pear to ask who they knew. Affinity undid all of this by automatically showing every great intro Pear could make.”

CEO, Twine Labs

”Affinity is the most powerful relationship management platform I've ever used - I was blown away by the connections to top prospects I uncovered after just allying with a few people.”

Director of Strategic Partnerships, Alto Pharmacy

”It makes me a better VC. All of the things I need to do on a day-to-day basis I now do in Affinity.”

Principal, DCM Ventures

“I look at Affinity at least once a day. I examine which deals are active, what research should I be doing, whether I should be scheduling a phone call, etc. It ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.”

Associate, Sci Fi Ventures

“Affinity allows us to manage more clients. That will lead to more top-line for our business.”

Leasing and Sales, Touchstone Commercial

“I feel like we went from black and white with Salesforce to technicolor with Affinity. We migrated our entire Salesforce instance in a day, and my team picked up the platform in 30 minutes.”

Head of Business Development, Karat.io

“Affinity is the go-to tool for my fundraising and business development efforts. Since Affinity logs most activity automatically and has built-in workflows, like setting automatic reminders, I’m able to spend more time in meetings and closing deals.”

Co-founder and COO, Allocate.ai

“Affinity has helped us centralize our CRM efforts in the most automated way. By organizing our pipeline, community, to-dos, and distributing our Alliances to portfolio companies.”

Investor, Next Play Capital

“Affinity keeps us organized! As a CRM made for VCs, it is perfectly tailored to what we need. Cataloging all of our emails and grouping them by organization has made it much easier to track contacts and deal flow. Affinity has integrated itself into our workflow.”

Managing Partner, Struck Capital

“Affinity allows me to better understand my network and strategize around the markets, deals and funds I aspire to invest in. As a newcomer to venture, this toolkit has been vital and valuable for my development.”

Investor, Next Play Capital

“As an early stage investor, my constant focus is finding new ways to turn my connections into my portfolio’s next hundred opportunities.”

Partner, Pear Ventures

“With Affinity, my team and I are able to track and nurture all of our firm's most important relationships. In a relationship driven industry like Real Estate, Affinity has been a game changer.“

CEO & Managing Partner, T3 Advisors

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